The Personal Me


Talking about hygiene is not an exciting topic so in the beginning if they’re not excited it is best for them to  know they can win a prize and show how smart they are.  They are all for getting prizes and more acceptable about receiving the information and not embarrassed because they may not know certain things.

Personal hygiene and development are important aspects of your daily life. At any given time we can be judged on a number of things from: education, age, social status, sex, color of your skin sometimes. As well, as what school we attended and where we are hangout. Unfortunately, People judge people. Judgements are often made based on outward appearances, without knowing about a persons talents or abilities. Judgement can be damaging and can ruin a persons self-image. For example, Jesus.  You may feel a certain way about yourself, but God has a plan for you. The notion that you were created for a particular purpose should always be a motivating factor. A number of young people lack confidence in their natural beauty that God has given them. They give a false impression of who they really are by trying to fit in with the “popular kids.” Many youth today try to look like the “latest celebrity”. Can you  change a rose into an exotic flower and put the petals from the exotic flower on a rose? Everyone has their own unique beauty.  It just takes a little time away from outside influences, for some “me” time to allow your inner beauty to shine naturally. This begins with good grooming habits.

As you work on your personal development you also need to take into consideration your immediate surroundings and the friends you have chose.  Looking in the mirror you can uncover personal details about yourself. “ The eyes are the window of your soul”.

???????Emotional turmoil can easily effect someone, hives, eczema, itching, nervous scratching, preparing.

Sometimes people don’t even realize that people are doing this, but it is so important for you to aware of your own personal habits and also others.

Natural Features

Being professional and practicing hygienic habits are very important in this world today.  Balance is the key to life


Whether being  around your friends and or starting a new job it is must be neat and clean. Being clean begins with taking a bath every day.  It is important to establish the habit of taking a bath, daily.  No makeup, clothes, or hairstyle can freshen you up like soap and water.

Shower or Bath?  Morning or evening?  It doesn’t matter, some enjoy a morning shower to invigorate them for the day.  Others like to take a bath to relax them at bedtime.  If you use the tub, give yourself a quick shower at the end of your bath. WHY?????????

When you step out of bath, us a towel and start rubbing.  Start at the top and work your way down.  To remove dead skin.  Or if you have very dry skin leave you body a little moist with water and apply lotion starting from your feet to your neck

Godliness is the next to cleanliness.  When you skip your daily bath however your entire grooming process goes into reverse.


Freshness from a shower or bath will not withstand the elements of everyday life: In the classroom if you have a difficult test, If you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, if it’s hot and humid out or if your out playing…you will perspire. It’s a normal body function. Unpleasant yes, but normal.

To avoid the unpleasantness use a deodorant or antiperspirant.   A deodorant stops underarm odor.  An Antiperspirant restricts the flow of perspiration.  Choose the one most suited to your needs and use it regularly, in cool and warm weather. It important to use it daily,  whether you think you need it or not.  Don’t wait until someone mentions it.


Underarm hair not only traps perspiration odors, but also spoils the effect of sleeveless garments.  Never wear a sleeveless garment without first checking your underarms.  If in doubt shave!  It is easier to shave when you’re in the shower or the bathtub because pre-soaking softens the hairs to make the shaving process smoother.  If you choose not to shave wear a top with sleeves.   Men are now spending a lot of money on hair services.  It is very important to go to a professional for hair removal on your chest, legs or eyebrows.


Have you ever been in a conversation that you could not wait to get out of, due to the unpleasantness of a person’s a breath? Has that person with the unpleasant breath ever been you?  You can change this. Here are a few  options:

  1. Brush your teeth after each meal to remove food particles.  If you can’t brush rinse.
  2. Keep your mouth free of decay with regular cleaning and check-ups with a dentist.
  3. Use mouthwash
  4. Carry breath fresheners in your handbag.
  5. If your grandparents have dentures.. start flossing.  Healthy gums are a long-life to keep your teeth
  6. Try to use natural toothpaste and  avoid aluminum in toothpaste. You can mix baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide.


This is a part of being a woman,  your estrogen and progesterone hormone levels are fluctuating and your uterus is recycling and shedding the old lining to bring a new freshness to your uterus.  During these times it is so important to help your body get oxygen to your cells so even if you’re uncomfortable, you can walk or run as it is always helpful to re-energize.  If you’re in serious bend-over pain, consult with your OB-GYN to determine a safe medication regimen to help relieve the pain and discomfort.

Below is a guide to help you to choose to find what is the best sanitary pad to you use during your cycle.  It is always important to carry a pantyliner with you so you’re prepared if you have spotting before your period or depending on your mood you can also experience discharge.


Light discharge


Panty protection

Daily freshness


Light to moderate discharge

Light flow days

Tampon backup

Daily freshness


Moderate to Heavy


Light flow days

Tampon Back-up

Daily Freshness


When choosing clothes for work and play it is important to decide what type of person you are.

Do you like to iron?

Don’t like to iron?

Can you afford the dry cleaners?

Are you organized? (Do you know what you’re wearing in the morning when you wake up)?

Your appearance says who you are.  Your image should reflect your personality although people should not be judged on appearances, but unfortunately first impressions are real.  You don’t get a second chance on a first impression.  If you are trying to meet new friends or trying to get a  job. Being prepared for opportunity when it knocks.

Acrylic/ Polyester

Easy clothes to wash or dry clean and they can be easy for people who don’t like to iron.

?????Sweater you want to lay flat and dry and if it needs to be pressed do it on the wrong side so it is not scorched by the heat.


If you love T-shirt and jeans, I hope you know how to love doing laundry, because you need to put a laundry schedule into your lifestyle.  Cotton is durable you can wash, dry and iron.

Why waste your time ironing and sewing your clothes?  After all no one ever compliments you because you look neat.  Why have the latest jeans, designer sneakers and designer accessories  that attract compliments?

Why do you think so?

Eg.  You have you latest jeans and sneaker on, but you have a button missing in your shirt.  How do you think someone will compliment you?

Image is Everything:

What is your image?

Who are you?

What do you want people to remember about you?

What is your look?

Put together a vision board of your look.  Must be minimum of  14x 16 to 36 x 36”

  • Take pictures
  • Get pictures from magazine
  • Pictures of accessories,
  • Pictures of makeup ideas
  • Pictures of hairstyles
  • Pictures of clothes

The next week come with clothes, accessories and ideas about you.  Prepare to do a self-image board.

The outcome is to know what your “look and style” is.

  • Conservative
  • Preppy
  • Urban
  • Classic
  • Neo-classic
  • Fusion
  • Grunge
  • Gothic

You can use a celebrity “look” to fuse it all together.

Bacteria & Sanitize

One of the most important things to know with so many different strains of bacteria and numerous viruses, they are contagious. It is important to understand the differences between pathogenic and non-pathogenic.

Sanitary and safety precautions

  1.  Wash hands often
  2.  Label containers
  3.  Keep stations, drawers, and brushes clean
  4.  Deposit soiled towels in a covered container
  5.  Follow manufacturers instructions in regard to mixing chemicals.

Forms of bacteria, Infection and Immunity

Diplococci- grow in pairs and cause pneumonia.

Staphylococci- grow in in clusters and cause abscesses and boils

Streptococci- grow strung in chains and are found in the blood.


When a person is ??????chilled, run down and has poor resistance, germs can easily infect the body. Coughing and sneezing spread germs.Food may become contaminated if left exposed.  Raw food needs special care.

Direct contact:  Kissing, hand shaking or touching infected person.

Water: drinking, bathing

Animals:  a bite from insect or infected person

Sanitization & Sterilization

Disinfectant: Used to destroy  micro-organisms on surfaces

Anti-septic: Used to destroy micro-organisms off skin

Dry Heat:  Exposes temperature to (300-320F)

Moist Heat: Immersion in boiling water for 20 minutes

Ultraviolet radiation:  In a sanitizer. It is an excellent form of sterilization.

Antiseptics: Retard the growth of bacteria with out destroying bacterial life.

Alcohol: below 70% services as an antiseptic for the skin.  A 95% solution may be used as a disinfectant to sanitize implements.


Due to the sensitive nature of this workshop it is best if the facilitator is the same gender as the participants.

What are the symptoms you see when you haven’t had enough sleep?

What do you see?

e.g..  dark circles under eyes

shoulders slouched

using their arm to hold up their head


not alert

When someone eats lots of fried foods and soda?

What do you see?

pimples on skin

oily skin

thick belly

When someone is embarrassed and have anxiety, upset?

What do you see?

not saying too much

eating and munching food very quickly


tight face


Do I know my Body?

This is a great class exercise if you know someone who is a Nurse or a Nursing assistant who has some medical background to understand and be able to answer questions that the youth may have a question about their personal me.

Below is information from the Women’s Health Government regarding menstruation.

What is the menstrual cycle?

When periods (menstruations) come regularly, this is called the menstrual cycle. Having regular menstrual cycles is a sign that important parts of your body are working normally. The menstrual cycle provides important body chemicals, called hormones, to keep you healthy. It also prepares your body for pregnancy each month. A cycle is counted from the first day of 1 period to the first day of the next period. The average menstrual cycle is 28 days long. Cycles can range anywhere from 21 to 35 days in adults and from 21 to 45 days in young teens.

The rise and fall of levels of hormones during the month control the menstrual cycle.

Start the class by asking each person if they have a regular period.

( A regular period is 28 days)

Usually if someone has considerably heavy periods over 7 days you can also suggest to see a

doctor since there is such a high rate of fibroids, Endometriosis  in the urban community.

Discuss PMS

What is PMS? It stands for Post Mentrustration Syndrome

How do you know you have it?

?????Discussing Post Menstruation stress to be sensitive to their body so they aren’t taking

out frustration out on someone who is innocent walking in their path.

When you have your period.

Should you wash everyday?

Answer:   Yes, scientific fact says ??????

Should you refrain from sexual activity?

Answer:  Yes, ????? Why???

Should you exercise?

Answer Yes,

This is a great activity where everyone loves to win prizes since you want it

to be engaging.


Ask questions in regard to how to brush your teeth e.g.

  1. flossing
  2. brushing (can brush tongue)
  3. water pick (option)
  4. mouthwash



Great Prizes.  Sanitary napkins, dental floss, lip gloss,


The difference between antiperspirant and deodorant.

antiperspirant … helps keep you dry

deodorant…. prevents odor

What does PMS stand for?