It’s All About YOU

It’s all about Y.O.U.

Materials Needed: Freedom Cards (available for purchase) or Get at least 20 index cards with words written on it (one word per card) e.g.. bright, trouble, peace, kindness, heartfelt ****(give a list of words), camera, questionnaire in the students’ booklet

This is where the fun begins, knowing that it is “all about Y.O.U.” Your Own Uniqueness. The faster you see that you’re wonderfully wired like no one else on the planet, the more you are going to experience laughter and love fitting into your own skin.

Your Own Uniqueness is something you have to understand and celebrate. There is no one else like Y.O.U.  God  has created only one of you, and no one else posses your own unique qualities . Perhaps,  at some point we long to look or be like someone other than ourselves.  We may have prayed or wished upon a star to be the next Beyonce or to be a contestant on America’s Next Top Model.  It’s a wonderful dream to dream, but such transformations are few and far between and for only a select few does such dreams come true.

What’s important to realize is that attractiveness is not solely based on physical characteristics, but about the total Y.O.U.   Being attractive is a complete package.  In the following exercise we will explore ways on improving Y.O.U., your own uniqueness.

The influence of information overload is incredible! Between BET, MTV, movies, videos, video girls, text messaging, cell phones, T.V., music, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest, you are constantly bombarded with images that may not be good for your inner self. Sometimes you get lost looking for Y.O.U.

When we were little girls, we wanted to be like Cinderella and find our prince (boyfriend) because our true self-value was wrapped up in the fairytale. Sleeping Beauty didn’t wake up until prince charming kissed her cheek. Snow White’s physical beauty was the only thing that was found worthy by a man. Of course girls can’t help but ask themselves, “where am I finding my true beauty? Is it within me or is it  when  Jason or Ramon or the boy next door says so?” I’m not sure if you saw The Princess and the Frog, but it was about Tiana pursuing her own goals and reaching for the top to get hers. She did it!  She wasn’t looking for the fairytale that everyone thought she should.

????Sometimes I really understand why some of my girly girls really miss out on who they are.

Sometimes we try” to find ourselves” through superficial means. Bugging your mother or father because you think you know what will make you happy “Having to have the latest shoe”  or even bribing your uncle or aunt by telling them you are going to do the right thing so you can get the “latest electronic game” The list goes on forever.  Your dreams are right at your fingertips.  Ask yourself “what is really important”, is it all about ME?  Yes it is.   It really isn’t easy trying to get a hold of all the choices. Your choices every day, every hour, every minute, and every second determine where you will be tomorrow. Will you get a 55 on your test because you were watching T.V. instead of studying the night before?  Are you second string on the basketball team because you didn’t make it to practice? Do you have an STD (sexually transmitted disease) because you decided to have sex?  You are where you are today because of your choices.

I can’t tell you how many times someone sat in my chair and said “I want to look like Taylor Swift, Keisha Coles, or Rihanna.”  Girrrrl, it’s ok to have a Diva hairstyle, but you always need look at the shape of your head. Do you have a long neck? Is your hair texture strong enough to get a “bone straight” relaxer? We will talk more about your hair in Chapter 5 because unfortunately, at least 50% of young people will have hair loss by the age of 25 due to braids, weaves, extensions, and chemical services. Trust me – many  35 year old ladies will be UPSET with theirselves. You cannot change your basic physical features, but did you ever stop to realize that attractiveness doesn’t depend solely upon how you look or what designer shoes, handbag, jeans you are wearing?  It is your responsibility to be blessed and know GOD has a plan for you.

?????You’ve heard people say: “You know in your heart it’s true”, or “I know it by heart.”  Sometimes I wonder whether we are thinking with our brains or our hearts. What do you think?

I know you’ve met or seen a beautiful young girl walking down the street; then she opened her mouth and something ????????“yucky” came out of her mouth that didn’t make any sense at all.   How did that girl look to you?  I hope that you are getting my point here that “Beauty comes from the Heart.”

It’s becoming a smaller world and we are all able to reach out and help each other. We can be friends and support people we would never have had an opportunity to meet. Now because of the internet, we can find someone in Hong Kong who loves Japanese cartoons like we do, and create an incredible-international bond with them.

What sort of appearance do you present to others? No need to wonder, let’s find out how much you know about yourself and how you feel about YOU, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR COUNTRY, AND YOUR WORLD.

I want you to look over the questions and fill them out because being an adolescent, “stuff just happens” and hormones are up and running. I’m sure you’ve heard your mother, teacher or relative tell you “knowledge is power,” yes, yes. So the more you know and search, ask, seek and knock on a friend’s door to find the answers, the more knowledge you will have about yourself.  It’s better than someone else defining who “you are”. “You’re so pretty.” “You’re so lazy.” “You’re so messy…” ”You can’t ______…” You get the message. It’s important for you to know that you have more control over your emotions, instead of someone else making you emotional over something they want you to do.

Example of your Choices

You are too tired…because you’re not eating healthy

You are depressed… because someone said your outfit was “jacked up”

You are hostile…. because the boy you like didn’t say “hi” to you

You are lonely……because your father didn’t hang out with you

You get into a fight….because you can’t communicate well, so you are sarcastic

You are not into class participation…..wondering why you do not understand the work

????You say something not nice… because you can’t fnd something nice to say.


Optional Game.  Class can be accountable for other people’s comments during sessions.  e.g. if someone says something “negative” the class would decide if it is a negative statement and they would have to say two things positive.

Must understand that WORDS are powerful.. changing your words adding new vocabulary can change a young persons future.

From the example above… write a situation that you made a poor choice.  Words are powerful and knowledge is powerful too.

Hands-on Activities

Freedom Truth Cards….

The benefits of this game is for the youth to open up and talk about what is happening in their life.  It is a way to start building relationships with your youth. 

  1.  Take your Freedom cards/ Index cards
  2. In the center of the table scatter cards or in a box
  3. A “Volunteer Leader picks a card first” These cards have one word on the card (i.e. kindness)
  4. The leader will reflect a thought in their life where they need to be kinder or how they might of not been kind.

5. Next person will pull a card and describe the word on the card thus continuing the process until everyone in the room has gone.

Optional Closing

It’s always nice to close by asking everyone describe their experience in “one word”.  Or closing with a prayer for that God has a plan for the youth not to harm them but a future, Jeremiah 29 v11


Have Students take pictures  (WHY????)

Have Students fill out Questionnaire in their booklet

Refer to Page 3 – 5




Be as honest as you can and have fun!

What is your name?

When is your birthday?

What is your nickname?

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Do you have any pets?

If so, what is your pet’s name?

What do you like to do on the weekend?

What makes you happy?

What makes you unhappy?

Who do you look up to?

Who is your best friend?

How long does it take for you to forgive a friend?

Who is your favorite artist?

What kind of music do you listen to?

What is your favorite TV program?

What is your favorite subject?

Do you have any hobbies? If yes, what are they?

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

How would you describe yourself?

What would you like to learn from this book?

What do you like to do with your family?

What exercise(s) or sport(s) do you like to do?

Will you vote when you are of age?

If No, Why _____________________________

If Yes, What political party would you vote for?

Democratic   ____

Republican   ____

Liberal         _____


Do you believe in God or Creator?

Answer ____________________________

What is your faith?

  • Christian
  • Muslim
  • Jewish
  • Other

Answer ____________________________

Why do you believe?

  • Because your parents do
  • Because you found God
  • Because of a TV show you watch

Answer ____________________________


What do you like most about your faith?


Answer ____________________________


What don’t you like about your faith?


Answer ___________________________



Describe 3 Characteristics about yourself

  1. ____________________________________
  2. ____________________________________
  3. _____________________________________


Describe 3 Characteristics that other people like about you (ask a teacher, aunt, friend)

  • __________________________________


  • __________________________________


  • __________________________________


What are your gifts and talents? Name 2:

  • __________________________________


  • __________________________________


What do you dream to have one day?



At what age do you think you should have sex?



Before having sex what are 3 things that you need to know about the guy? e.g.: Where he lives, who his parents are, how long you’ve known him? What is his cell phone number? Who are his friends?

  • _____________________________________


  • _____________________________________


  • _____________________________________

Do you believe in marriage?


Do you want to get married?


Do you want to have children?


If your answer is yes, would you do anything differently than what you have been taught or seen?



What education level do you want to get to?

High School ____ Bachelor’s Degree ______ Master’s Degree _____Doctorate _____

What would you like to Major in?


What would you like to Minor in?


What do you fear?



What is your mission statement?


*A mission statement is a statement that helps you define who you are, so no one else can try to tell you what type of person you are and why God created you.

If you don’t have one, this will be your temporary statement until you write your own:


My Mission Statement

I choose to grow as a Princess

I choose to eat for my good health

I choose to learn to be successful

I choose to be spiritually aware so that I can have wisdom

In all my decisions every day, I will radiate character in my home, school, and community.


Parents / Relative/ Guardian Questionnaire

What special activities is your child interested in?


What are her favorite activities?


Please describe your child in 2 sentences.

In what areas would you like to see your child improve?


Does your child have allergies? What are they?


What family medical history if any, should your child know about?


This is something for you and your parent to review in 3 months.





*Your Mission Statement


*It may take 1 month, 6 month 2 years, 5 years until you find yours, so be free to use the above in the  meantime.








Date ______________


What is the best thing you discovered about yourself?



Describe your life at 75 years old. What are some of the things you have done and experienced in your youth?



Write down the mistakes you’ve made along the way and how you handled them.