Urban Girl’s Tool Guide

The Urban Girl’s Survival Guide by Liana Robinson

About the Book 

The Urban Girl’s Survival Guide is designed to give young girls tools that will help them make positive choices in these challenging time.  This book can be used in after-school programs, churches or Youth Organizations which will help propel them to a future with options and knowledge.

The Audience

Female youth (adolescent living in single-parent homes, broken homes and/or foster care, youth leaders, youth ministry members

Unfortunately, due to so much radio-active waves and no time for proper meal planning the parent and child is deficient in nutrients  The Public Health Nutrition “found a link between how much animal protein girls eat early in life and the age at which they hit puberty” is effected by the meat being ejected with many different types of hormones.

Helping youth develop their strengths while manage my weakness this program.  To help them seek answers:  Why is this keep happening.  It’s not working.  Helping them with a rebellious spirit, helping them to forgive.  Understanding that being unforgiven affects them physically.  Heart ache, blood pressure, bitterness takes a toll on your life.  Help them to understand their family DNA in the past so they don’t repeat families DNA for their future

How is this Book Unique?

This book is distinct in four regards. First, to spark a light of hope within young girls who are living under difficult circumstances. This hope will foster a belief in choices and capture a positive lifestyle of their hearts, providing an opportunity to gain empowerment, character and pride.

Second, it will encourage and teach young girls to change their self-image to one that is positive in an effort to achieve the expectations of today’s society. Foremost being the completion of their education.

Third, teaching them not to give up on life. Present the skills to empower inwardly and outwardly in order to gain self-knowledge. Empower each girl with life skills that will give them an attitude of self-awareness and pride.

Fourth, encourage self-confidence. Build self-esteem in young girls, to deter them from yielding to negative, destructive peer-pressure.

In the best of the world we have found age is a number but the number doesn’t define the majurity of a youth.  Programs can be divided by majurity.  i.e. (Some youth are 13 and still have innocence and haven’t been exposed to smoking, alcohol & sex) so we need to be sensitive to the individual youth in a program. (needs to be  talked about)

Children  8 – 12

Teens  13-17

Young Adults  15- 22