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Liana Robinson

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As founder of the Beauty of the Heart in 1999 and  business owner  in her community.

Liana, is a Lifestylist serving the Beauty industry for over 30 years.  She feels that she has been wired to work with people to help them “discover their optimum beauty and lifestyle”. Starting out as a model in Toronto, Canada. She is now an experienced hairstylist, makeup artist, Holistic practitioner and certified Iridologist. This experience enables her to help her clients, friends and family to support, improve and balance out their lives, mind, body and spirit.  In addition Liana’s  facilitate makeovers for women who just want a new look.

Now owner of (Y.O.U) Your Own Uniqueness Hair Wellness & Lifestylist Spa,. on any given day in the salon one may witness Liana leading a prayer for a client who may be experiencing health issues, or listens as she counsels a young woman on proper behavior concerning the opposite sex. She has a gift to recognize the needs in others and a passion to help in any way she can.

As a business owner in the community, Liana found that young people in the Jamaica area frequently solicited her business, and she felt that God was leading her to provide them with life skills that reached beyond the borders of their neighborhood. She provided mentoring in what is considered proper attire and speech, etiquette and manners, as well as encouraging accountability for their actions, better self-esteem and information about leading healthier lives. She felt and still feels that when given some essential tools to cope with everyday stress and pressures young people can make better, more informed decisions despite the pressure and influences they meet on a daily basis.

As a result of her experience with young women who came into the salon, Liana started an etiquette program in the salon called “Beauty of the Heart .” This not for profit program focuses on challenging young women and girls to seek inner beauty and self-worth, while teaching them what is appropriate interaction with the opposite sex. The core of these sessions depend on the age of the young women involved but ultimately teaches self-respect, integrity and decision making skills. With the older women Liana typically discusses every day interactions and relationships with young men, and serves as a non-judgmental guiding force towards better decision making.

This outreach program has enabled her to support ministries, pastors and support youth Leaders in New York being on the board of of 20/10 Vision; Dr. Billy Grahams Final Crusade; speaker at youth workshops, Nyack College; She has been blessed to travel the world to do mission work traveling to upstate New York,  Belgium, London, Netherlands and Peru after the earthquake.  In her salon she was  consistently exposed to a sector of the urban adolescent population that is socially culturally deprive and sometimes  many have had abusive or non-existent parenting.  She was driven to support these young people in her community where she served to help them with some who suffer poor self-concept and poor self-esteem.  In order to survive in the streets and among their friends they adopt socially unacceptable behaviors and attitudes:

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As Director, she has been working hands on with the operations and has been indispensable with her creativity of engaging youth into breakiing out of their shell, breaking patterns, sewing wounds for youth to be able to know they have a light.   Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, has equipped her for this assignment.  The  eldest of five children and upon her mother’s death, she was given the responsibility of raising her siblings at a young age.  Being a mother has equipped her with a nuturing spirit for young people today.   This same commitment she has poured into SOW Leadership Development Institute, Inc.  empowering and developing young girls.

Working at the mission at the Diocese of Brooklyn, she gives support programming dedicated to providing growth and Leadership in individuals seeking to make a difference in the lives of others.

She is a light in young peoples life with an ocean of creativity and experience to give young people a word, a message that impacts and enriches their future as they go forward in their journey


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