How To Get Plugged In

 Mission Statement

To  equip youth with lifestyle skills to be successful in daily living.  Energizing, Empowering and Transforming.

We are looking for people to GET PLUGGED IN.

1.  Lead and facilitate group discussions for youth workshop.

Looking for volunteers to work with our Workshop for 8 sessions, 2 hrs a week over 12 weeks.  After 12 weeks, volunteers will have the opportunity to become paid consultants and run their own  workshops.The goal of this position is to spread the mission of Beauty of the Heart on a global scale.

2.  Support needs, resources and opportunities.

If your able to write, make phone calls, support the organizations logistics would be an asset.   Donations of any amount is always appreciated for

3.Pray Circles

Organize an intercessor prayer group for our work.  The young people we work with have so many obstacles in front of them that just trying to get to school ends up being a low priority just trying to  deal with life.  Counselors, youth leaders are so overwhelmed with their life and usually not getting compensated for their work needs to be prayed for.

Serving and supporting…..we are greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to e-mail us at beautyoftheheart.