Take care of YOU

images If your emotions are overwhelming because there is confusion in your life then Choose 1 or 2 activities that will make help you change your mood even if it is for 5 minutes.

Take walk

Write in a journal

Write a letter to yourself

Buy flowers for yourself

Go to the park and lay in the sun

Put on some music and dance

Take a bubble bath

Make a new friend

Watch a comedy show

Find Your Affirmation or Write your Affirmation.

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a positive statement that is declared to be true (whether it is or not). The purpose of an affirmation is attract positivity into your life and to boost your self esteem.  You should write your affirmation down and say it everyday. Below are a few affirmations you can practice:

  •      I have talent
  •      Being responsible is abounding my maturity
  •      I have integrity
  •      Others recognize that I have much to offer the world
  •      I deserve the respect of others
  •     I will succeed if I get out of my box
  •    The quicker I learn to love myself I will be able to be ready for love
  •     I’m learning to love me
  •     When people get to know me they’re surprised how wonderful I am
  •     My needs are important
  •    I am alive
  •     I am not anxious for anything except to pray I need an hour for “me”
  •    I love myself
  •   I am safe
  •   Life loves me