Why Prayer?

Sometimes your alone and you don’t know who you can trust but you need guidance, wisdom and understanding.  Do you believe in coi

Praying to God, someone you don’t know and can’t see is difficult. But it is the way to build your own relationship with God. Sometimes just “asking, knocking, seeking direction can be the only answer. The KEY to remember is that FAITH is a verb, an ACTION. You have to do something, ask someone, get up and go on the computer, find someone who is a professional, go to a store and apply for a job. Sometimes when you don’t think there is no other options and you messed up again…. that is when God’s GRACE kicks in for some answers.

How to Begin Prayer

A – Adore God’s Grace for opening your Understanding of who he his

C – Confess if you hurt someone, stole , lied or didn’t do your homework

T- Thankful for food, a house you live in and Your friends and family

S – Specifically ask God to help you to Pray for your specific needs for everyone


Prayer List

Friends and Family 2 Chronicles 7:14

1. __________ Me & God

2. ___________



My Family & Friends

3. ___________


My Hood My City

4. __________ The World

Prayer Suggestions

Dear God I know that I messed up And need your forgiveness for the wrong Things that I do. Jesus died and rose again to save Me from my sins and I invite Jesus into my heart and my life. I want to trust you to know you, and believe you have a plan for my life. I need for you to help me with my choices In your Name Jesus, Amen


Open me so that spirit can flow Free me so that the real me can show Uplift me so that I can continue to grow Inspire me so that I can embrace what I know. Guide me so that I’ll know which way to g.o Empower me so that I can reap what I sow


Arm me with arrows from Love’s bow So that I may share with both high and low Those treasure received from your Heavenly stow


2002 Keven Kim Dunn