HIV can be equated to terrorism of the body.  Once HIV invades the body it progressively destroys the body’s immune system

How do you get HIV virus?

1)Unprotected vaginal, oral and/or anal sex

2) Intervaneous drug use

  1. In 2004, the U.S. Dept. of Justice determined that the prevalency of AIDS among prisoners was 3x that of the general population. Contributing facors are:  1)Non-professional tattooing   2) Non-protected sex         3) IV  drug use

4) Higher rates of HIV among incarcerated populations may be a link between HIV transmission among MSM (men who have sex with both men and women)  Sometimes it is known as “downlow”

As a terrorist invades when your guard is not up, HIV also invades with bombs that are dropped by not assessing the FACTS:

1) Ignorance

2) Denial

3) Risk

4) Stigma

5) Late Testing

6) Fear

Aids has been a silent killer in the African American community much to l-o-n-g.  One of the reasons is there are not enough open discussions about HIV/AIDS in families, friends, in churches and other places in the African American community.

I lost a brother, sister and a niece and believe we must BREAK the silence.

Expanding the REACH of SERVICES from the health departments, other public health partners, and other organizations that are committed to getting the message out.

How can I get help?