Email/Cell Phone


Emails and Cell Phone Etiquette Protocol


  • Always know your e-mails are public information even if you delete them.
  • If you’re on Facebook and you’re starting a new job know that it becomes a reference for your employer.  If you put inappropriate behavior on facebook, or twitter use your “alias” name that your friends know you by, eg. “Tootie”
  • When you respond to an email, always check who is listed in the Reply box. There is nothing more embarrassing or damaging then sharing an email with the wrong person.
  • Emails that are sexually explicit and racist should never be shared at work, even if you work with your friends.
  • Never talk about your job on Facebook. You never who might share it with your boss or a potential employer.
  • Have one email account for friends and another for work/professional contacts. There is nothing more of a turn off to a potential employer than having to email someone at bigbooty13@…..

Cell Phone

  • When using your cell phone at work .. put it on vibrate.
  • Don’t answer your phone at work if you are with someone unless you warn them before and say you are expecting a phone call, eg.   “Susan, I am expecting an important phone call and they may call while I’m helping you is that o.k.”
  • If you’re spending time and having lunch with a friend be conscious of “friend time”.  If you’re busy making phone calls to other people and hanging out with a friend what message are you telling your friend.