Hanging out, eating, dining, they are all the same when it comes to sharing food with others.  It is an experience that  can be  a memorable one.  I’m sure you can remember that Thankgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day celebration when you shared food with family and friends. Before the demands of work and school took over, families use share meals together daily.  In many families of color, the ”Sunday” dinner was an essential time for everyone to break bread together.

It still happens in many homes, but more so on occasions and with friends.  So we are going to talk about just some basic formalites that are important, just in case you are invited over to someone’s house for dinner.


Before meeting someone or going to someone’s home, it is always helpful to know the following:

Is there a dress attire?

Do you need to bring a thoughtful gift? Maybe a flower or a bottle of decorative lotion?

What time is it?

What is the address?

Do I need to R.S.V.P.? R.S.V.P means respond to an invitation so the person inviting you knows how many people will be going.