Welcome to Beauty of the Heart,  This etiquette program is for the Urban Girl who may not have had  the day to day nurturing from adults who genuinely care and who may have missed out on gaining knowledge of essential lifestyle skills.  The “Urban Girl’s Tool Guide” lessons and activities are engaging and character building. The program enforces the following:

  • Instilling discipline
  • Gaining knowledge
  • Producing inner strength
  • Empowering young people to obtain character to fulfill their dreams & hearts’ desires
  • Conquering the world with charm & grace

Each lesson comes with a teacher’s guide and tools, as well as activities.  These lessons can be taught in school, summer camp, after-school program, church, or business settings.  The prerequisite for conducting this class is love, compassion, patience and listening skills.  The activities are interactive to enhance building relationships and gaining trust and respect.

Each curriculum comes as a user-friendly teacher’s guide and student workbook. There is no prior etiquette or teacher training necessary to use the teacher’s guide to run your own after school or in-class program.

We want them to believe they have choices to capture the lifestyles of their hearts’ desires. This program attempts to help our young people change the way they view themselves and help them create realistic expectations for finishing their education and becoming productive members of society.